BSP was established in 1994 as a production branch of CoMeAr, with the aim of serving the specific sector of special bearings. Since then, both companies have achieved constant growth in terms of turnover, production capacity, technology, certifications, and organization.


"Our mission is to support our customers through a co-design approach, ensuring highly specialized industrialization. We specialize in producing complex and high-precision components, supplying vertically integrated products. We are committed to constantly improving our capabilities and technologies, investing in innovative production processes."


Both organizations have an integrated Quality, Environment, and Safety system, supported by computer technologies to ensure supply chain traceability and constant monitoring of production performance.

The company's core business: "Manufacturing highly complex mechanical parts with a high level of industrialization, supplied vertically, with total quality assurance in free pass."


The focus on customers' requirements and the establishment of effective strategic partnerships with other major companies in the territory within the Umbria Aerospace Cluster, allow CoMeAr and BSP to offer a vertically organized supply model, which ensures customers the possibility to purchase a complete product from a single supplier, including raw materials, mechanical processing and special processes.

The vertically organized supply model produces benefits for the customer's supply chain in terms of economics, efficiency, and management, relieving them of intermediate stages necessary for the realization of components and numerous issues related to logistics, planning, and purchases of semi-finished products.


CoMeAr and BSP production organization

- Quality, Environment and Safety INTEGRATED SYSTEM

- TECHNICAL COMMERCIAL-DPT analysis of customers’ requirements, feasibility study and creation of commercial offers

- TECHNICAL DPT technical analysis of the drawings and specifications, issue of internal work cycles and working drawings

- INDUSTRIALIZATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT DPT industrialization of the product, definition of control plans, identifying critical characteristics and measuring instruments, tooling definition programming and CAD-CAM

- PLANNING DPT scheduling and planning of the entire supply chain (on forecast, customer’s needs)

- PURCHASING DEPARTMENT for the procurement of certified raw material, components, etc..

- MECHANICAL AREA turning, milling, drilling, hard turning, grinding, honing, hobbing.

- DE-BURRING DEPARTMENT high precision de-burring


Complementary services to the verticalized supply chain

- Management of special processes (heat treatment and galvanizing, etc.).

- Management of materials’ warehouse (with guaranteed traceability and separation of charges/lots)

- Management of finished components’ warehouse (according to safety/ service / consignment stock policy)

- Packaging and logistics (weekly deliveries in Europe in 24/48 hours, exports outside the EU)

- Electronic storage to ensure traceability of the supply.

"The constant pursuit of high standards of quality, technology, flexibility, dynamism and multifunctionality make CoMeAr the ideal partner for leading companies."

Our Story


BSP was founded as a specialized company for the production of High Precision Rings for Bearings

New plant,1997

Industrial Area of Spello, in via della tecnica, the new facility of 19,000 sqm

Industria specializzata,2019

Diventa operativo il nuovo reparto, equipaggiato con le migliori tecnologie, per l’industrializzazione e la produzione rapida di componenti meccanici complessi